Monte San Pietrangeli, Italia
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In 1946, through the entrepreneurial verve of the Bruè family, a small new workshop came into being, armed with great skill and craftsmanship and a just handful of tools. Since then, new ideas, major projects, and an overriding passion for footwear have brought fresh achievements and great leaps forward every year. Much of Bruè S.p.A.’s success is undoubtedly due to its continual quest for softness and great fit. These, its hallmark characteristics, along with its exacting standards of workmanship and materials, have won this Italian brand many admirers around the world. Aldo Bruè shoes are comfortable yet elegant and refined. The company’s mission is that “the customer must always be at ease and in perfect harmony with their chosen product.” The footwear is made entirely in-house, and the Aldo Bruè brand has pioneered the combination of the most traditional techniques with sophisticated modern methods.