Campi Bisenzio, ITALIA
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: 2nd Floor - 13
More than half a century has passed since Angiolo Frasconi and his wife Carolina began the production of hats, caps and scarves for women. The company has progressively grown over the years, today it is led by his son Alessandro with his wife Alessandra and the third generation of grandchildren Francesca and Franco. Since its origins, the company has carried out and pursued a production of the highest quality with technical competence, innovative capacity and creativity, favoring the use of precious natural fibers with straw, the raw material of tradition, the absolute protagonist. Intertwined and embellished, the straws give shape to summer hats, adorned with flowers and ribbons. Felt, wool, cashmere: each material gives a unique personality to the hat and to the wearer, the products are finished one by one by craftsmen’s expert hands, with the aim of offering total quality and a constant verification of the production process. The Angiolo Frasconi brand is a company that has been able to combine artisan tradition and innovation, allowing over time to acquire and consolidate a large and varied customer base in various markets around the world.
Our craftsmanship, always in contact with natural fibers, has made us particularly sensitive to environmental problems: two photovoltaic systems currently in operation provide energy for 100% of the needs, making our eco-sustainable production.