Como, Italia
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: B6
Barbieri's goal is to give an emotion to our customers, creating products like a work of art, the slogan "We don't sell accessories, we sell emotions"
Working for the client by designing the drawings together and offering exclusivity and high customization. Paying attention to detail in observing art, architecture, cinema, photography, but also simply observing everything around us. Every detail, every phase, every processing, with the aim of offering the highest quality. We must always be interested in what we do, what we create today and what we will create tomorrow. Research, study, experiment with new production techniques and new printing processes. Barbieri manages to establish a relationship, a close bond precisely for the passion that he transmits. It is essential to create a refined, trendy product, totally customizable, through its own background of knowledge in the careful study of details and in the search for unique and strong prints personality.
Scarves, ties, foulards, shawls, hats, stoles, gloves, made to measure by the efficiency of the tradition of “Nobilitazione della seta Comasca”